WESTAR HYPERNOVA is the brightest ECL substrate ever seen on the market. Its extreme sensitivity and extraordinary light output allow the detection of trace amounts of proteins. The formulation provides a low background for an extremely high signal to noise ratio.


Detection of trace amounts of proteins
Extreme significance of the experiment
Shortened exposure time 
Reduced consumption of antibodies and precious samples



Luminol derivative/enhancer solution (A)
Peroxide solution (B)

Primary 1:10000-1:200000
Secondary 1:300000-1:1000000
(from 1 mg/mL stock solution)

2 x 10 mL kit (200 cm2 of membrane)

5 hours

Stable for 1 year at RT. Product is shipped at ambient temperature.

Comparison with Competitors


Western blotting detection of purified IKBα - Imager: ImageQuant™ LAS 4000 (GE Healthcare).


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