GREEN STAIN - DNA Loading Dye contains a bright green fluorescent dye for DNA stain with a very low toxicity and a pre-mixed loading buffer with tracking dyes (bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol FF)  for agarose gels. GREEN STAIN - DNA Loading Dye allows simultaneous staining of DNA and visual tracking of the migration. Green Stain - DNA Loading Dye is easy-to-use: just add it to the sample before pipetting it into the gel wells. Gel visualization can be done with a standard transilluminator (254 nm), or with a laser- or LED-based imaging system selecting the SYBR® Green filter (460-490 nm).


Very low toxicity

Ready to use kit

Optimal signal to background ratio

Simple mix with your DNA sample and load into the gel


DNA staining for agarose gel electrophoresis

Vial A: GREEN STAIN - Dye, Cod. NAGS116,DY

Vial B: GREEN STAIN - Loading buffer, Cod. NAGS116,LB


Store at -20 °C; after reconstitution, store at +4 °C for 6 months

Excitation/emission spectra of GREEN STAIN bound to dsDNA

DNA Ladders and genomic DNA: GREEN STAIN - DNA Loading Dye

A) Genomic DNA.

B) 200 ng of GeneRuler™ 100 bp Plus DNA Ladder (Thermo Scientific). 

C) 200 ng of GeneRuler™ 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder (Thermo Scientific). 

All the samples were stained with GREEN STAIN - DNA Loading Dye and  electrophoresed on a 1% agarose gel at 100 V for 60 minutes. Gel visualization was done with GE Healthcare "ImageQuant ™ LAS 4000" (460 nm filter), exposition time 2 sec.

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