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SMART 645 - Antibody Labeling Kit


SMART 645 - Antibody Labeling Kit offers an efficient and easy method for the fluorescent conjugation of your antibodies and molecules containing a primary amino group.


Ready to use for conjugation
High brightness and purity of the dye
Easy and reproducible
All-included kit



648-667 nm (abs-em)

Antibodies, Proteins

1 mg

Western blotting, Fluorescent Microscopy, Flow Cytometry 

SMART 645 - Reactive Dye (1 or 2 vials); Labeling buffer; Empty Gel filtration column; Purification resin; Elution buffer

Room Temperature

Store at 2-8 °C, protected from light. The reactive dye may be stored at -20 °C

Fluorescent Western blotting detection of Human Transferrin
Imager: ImageQUANTTM LAS 4000 GEHC

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Order-No.Unit SizeQ.tyPrice
F2H085N,CLK011 x 1 mg Ab1 kit127.50
F2H085N,CLK022 x 1 mg Ab1 kit225.00