WESTAR SUPERNOVA is a high performance product with an exceptional signal intensity and stable light output for low femtogram detection level. The formulation provides a low background for a high signal to noise ratio.


Low femtogram detection
Signal intensity equals to current top-level competitors at least
Working solution stable for at least three days
Low antibody consumption to save your money

Luminol/enhancer solution (A)
Peroxide solution (B)

Primary: 1:5.000 - 1:100.000
Secondary: 1:100.000 - 1:500.000
(from 1 mg/mL stock solution)

2 x 10 mL kit (200 cm2 of membrane)

2 x 50 mL kit (1000 cm2 of membrane)

11 hours

Stable for 1 year at RT. Product is shipped at ambient temperature

Comparison with Competitors


Western blotting detection of HDAC-1– Imager: ImageQuant™ LAS 4000 (GE Healthcare)


Order guide

Order-No.Unit SizeQ.tyPrice
XLS3,00202 x 10 mL kit1 kit105.00
XLS3,01002 x 50 mL kit1 kit300.00
XLS3,01002 x 50 mL kit2 kits500.00