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VIV-ON Fixable Viability Dyes for flow cytometry


Fixable viability dyes allow accurate discrimination between live and dead cells in flow cytometric analysis, based on cell membrane integrity.  

The exclusion of dead cells from data allows a better identification of cell populations and provides an accurate determination of cell viability within samples. 

VIV-ON fixable viability dyes allow staining of live cells and preserve the staining pattern after fixation and or permeabilization.

 VIV-ON fixable viability dyes are amine reactive and cell impermeable. Dead cells with compromised cell membranes are typically labelled to a higher extend due to reaction with intracellular amines resulting in highly fluorescent dead cells. Impermeable live cells are labelled only on the cell surface and show dim fluorescence. 

VIV-ON fixable viability dyes are available for the 405 (violet), 488 (blue) and 633 (red) laser lines.



  • High brightness for optimal differentiation between live and dead cells
  • Ready-to-use kit, DMSO pre-diluted to test size formulation
  • Unlike 7-AAD and PI, labelled cells can be fixed, permeabilized, washed and stained
  • Suitable for any cell species

Selection Guide

 Table 1: VIV-ON Fixable Viability Dye spectral properties